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New to Lacrosse?

Grades 6th-12th can ALL be introductory years for girls lacrosse in NKY / Cincinnati

  • We recommend anyone who is new to lacrosse or has not yet played in a lacrosse game start with our Practice Only option. The tournaments are meant to be geared towards experienced players.  

  • This program is focused around the essential fundamentals to establish strong players.

  • Practices will be held at Thomas More University on their turf field with full lacrosse field markings 


Players should arrive at practice safely prepared.  Required gear includes: 

  1. Lacrosse Goggles

  2. Lacrosse Stick

  3. Mouth Guard

  4. Cleats

*Limited lacrosse sticks and goggles will be available at practices for those without. 

How to Sign Up: 
  1. Click the "Sign Up Now" button at top of page

  2. Choose Middle School or High School and complete the Registration Form

  3. Watch for emails for important information and updates!


It is very important to develop a strong foundation of these skills at a young age. Basic skills taught will include cradling, scooping, throwing and catching. These essential skills  will be vital as the lacrosse player develops more techniques and methods necessary for all levels of play.

Skill Development

Advanced skills with teammate integration will focus on footwork, running passes, quality shots, ground balls, and basic plays.  This phase of training expands on the fundamentals, and prepares the lacrosse player for team play. 


There are four basic positions and a total of 12 players on the field during a lacrosse game.  This includes 3 attackers, 5 midfielders, 3 defenders, and one goalie.  The beginners program will train players on responsibilities for each position and provide opportunities to try each position out.  

The Game

Lacrosse is a complex sport, and with many rules.  This is can be overwhelming to a new player, but our coaches take gentle and patient approach to ensuring the players learn the rules of the game.  If possible, we will provide optimal hands-on experience with scrimmages and games during the season. 

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